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Why Amuse?


Amuse Logo

Competition (Eaze, Grassdoor, etc)


Everyday Low Prices

High Markup

Service Fee


$2.99 +

Delivery Fee


$8.00 +

Product Assortment

Best in CA


Customer Service

Email, Chat & Phone

Email Only

Minimum Order



Payment Options

Debit, ACH & Cash

Debit & Cash

Delivery Options

1-Hour Delivery Windows

When They Feel Like It

Delivery Times

On-Time, Everytime


Order tracker

Real-Time tracking



Full-time Employees


Hours of Operation

10am – 10pm

10am – 8pm

What we believe

Customer Obsessed

We operate at the highest levels of service delivering best-in-class product with can’t-beat value—every single time.

Reliability & Safety

We’ll be there when we say we’ll be there. Period.

Transparency & Trust

No secrets here. That’s why our clients (and drivers!) feel so safe and taken care of.


Access to a robust product menu has never been easier.


Everyone is welcome here.


Viola Blue

“The driver was punctual, friendly, and polite. She also performed a perfect contactless delivery, and answered all my questions before taking off, which was much appreciated!”


Darren Rodgers

“These prices are consistently lower than everything else that’s out there. On top of that, the menu is a one-stop-shop for all the best brands, which never ceases to amaze.”


Ricky Cariñoso

“It’s refreshing to have the option to schedule delivery up to 7 days in advance OR get something on-demand OR both depending on my circumstances and schedule.”